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More than 20 varieties of honey, natural, prepared and packaged under a rigorous quality control system. 5 standard packaging formats. All our products are available in 1000g, 500g and 250g jars.

Acacia Honey

The main characteristics of acacia honey are its very transparent pale yellow colour and its liquid texture.

Its taste and perfume are light and pleasant.

Almond Honey

On our coasts, the first to bloom is the almond tree. Even before the leaves grow out, we can already contemplate its beautiful white and pink flowers.

What better opportunity to get our first harvest.

A very white honey similar to rosemary but with a subtle touch of bitterness that gives it its own personality.

Orange blossom honey

Our orange blossom honey is harvested on the Mediterranean side, mainly on the so-called ‘Costa del Azahar’.

It has a very floral aroma. Its taste is very sweet and extraordinarily aromatic despite being a clear honey. It tends to crystallise roughly quite quickly.

Ideal to accompany a fresh cheese.

Forest honey

Our forest honey is collected in the mountain massifs of the peninsula. Its origin is not floral nectar, but honeydew that exudes mainly from oaks, pines, firs, etc..
It has a dark amber colour, with a floral and malted aroma (of toasted cereal). The crystallization of this type of honey is slow.
It has a very high content in mineral salts.

Heather honey

One of the most mineral-rich honeys.
Heather honey has a dark colour with light reddish tones.  It has a intense and persistent aroma of wet leaves. Sweet taste with a marked bitter component and salty notes.
In the kitchen, it is a perfect match for red meat.

Mountain honey

It is a honey with a lot of character, the result of a great variety of wild flowers that grow at more than 1000 meters above sea level.
Mountain honey is very rich in enzymes.
It usually has a dark colour.

Eucalyptus honey

Eucalyptus honey generally comes from the south of the peninsula. It is a summer honey with a unique and extraordinarily lasting aroma. If you try it, you will recognize it among thousands.

Lavender Stoechas honey

Lavender stoechas honey generally comes from the Meseta Sur. It is a late spring honey. It has a very sweet, slightly acid taste and a golden colour.

Lemon honey

Lemon honey is harvested in Murcia in spring. It is a white honey with a sweet taste and acids notes. It is perfect for infusions because of its less pronounced flavour.

Flower honey

Honey with a very fine floral aroma, not very intense, not very persistent. Sweet taste, sometimes with light acid notes. Slightly amber in colour.

Rosemary honey

Rosemary honey has a slightly intense aroma, medium persistence, floral with camphorated tones. Sweet taste, generally without more, sometimes with slight acid notes. Very light colour.

Chestnut honey

It has a floral aroma, with a clear and marked woody component, dry wood, sweet taste with salty notes and, frequently, if there is heather above all, bitter notes, acid notes  if there is brambles. Amber – dark amber colour.

Lavender honey

Lavender honey has a floral aroma with a clear component of lavender, extraordinarily intense and very persistent, and phenolic notes. Sweet taste, with acid notes. If it is dark, presence of honeydew, it can have light salty notes. Colour from white to amber.

Thyme honey

Floral aroma with a clear phenolic component, very intense and very persistent. Sweet taste, with clear acid notes. May have salty notes and, when accompanied by honeydew, a presence of aromatic malted notes in retronasal phase. Colour from light amber to amber.

Arbutus honey

We also propose arbutus honey. Arbutus honey has an aroma with a component of humus, leaves, mushrooms, and, if there is honeydew, malted notes. Dominance of the bitter taste with salty notes, the sweetness is secondary. Colour from amber to dark amber, if there is honeydew.

Linden honey

Intense floral aroma with fruit and camphor components. Sweet taste, with a very marked acid component and very persistent. White to slightly amber in colour.


Acacia honey with its honeycomb of pure honey just taken out of the beehive. A real pleasure in mouth.

Available in a jar of aprox. 500g.

Acacia honey with Royal Jelly

Acacia honey with 4% fresh royal jelly. Royal jelly is perfectly preserved with honey. Also available with 10% royal jelly.

Available in 250 g jars, as it allows the royal jelly to be kept outside the fridge.


Apimix has a revitalizing power. It contains a heather honey with a high mineral content, fresh pollen (8%), fresh royal jelly (4%) and propolis (2%). It’s recommended at seasonal changes.

Available in 250 g jars.

Melina is a brand of products derivated from Michel Merlet, S.L. honey.

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