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We offer selected honeys for their sensory qualities and cold-processed with the utmost care and respect.

We have our own quality control laboratory and highly qualified personnel to guarantee a maximal quality and a perfect traceability.

We present a very extensive range of organic honeys that will satisfy the most demanding consumer. The honey is packed in glass jars with a guarantee seal in three different formats: 250g., 500g. and 1,000g.

Organic Heather honey

Heather honey is one of the richest in minerals.

Dark color with clear reddish tones. Intense and persistent aroma of moist leaves. Sweet taste with a marked bitter component and salty notes. Cooking, it goes well with red meats.


Organic Chestnut honey

A summer honey with very complex sensory notes.

Like heather honey, it is very rich in minerals. This honey has a dark color with greenish notes, a floral aroma with very marked notes of dry wood. The taste is sweet with salty notes, sometimes with bitter or acid tones.   


Organic Acacia honey

The children’s favorite!

The main characteristics of acacia honey are its very transparent pale yellow color and its liquid texture.

It has a light aroma and a very sweet flavor.

Strawberries with warm acacia honey: a delicious dessert!


Organic Orange blossom honey


It is a light colored honey with a very pleasant, strong and persistent floral aroma. The sensations are reinforced in retro nasal phase. It has a marked sweet and acid taste.

A perfect honey for infusions.


Organic Lavender honey

An extraordinary perfume of lavender.

Generally clear honey which has a strong and persistent lavender aroma that markedly increases in retro nasal. Its flavor is sweet and a little acid.


Organic Linden honey

A powerful honey.

Honey with a golden color and a powerful floral, fruity and camphorated aroma. Its taste is very sweet and very acid at the same time. It is perfect for light infusions, after dinner.

Origin: Romania, Bulgaria or Hungary.

Organic Eucalyptus honey

Eucalyptus honey usually comes from the south of the peninsula. It is a summer honey with a unique and extraordinarily persistent aroma. If you taste it, you will recognize it among thousands.

Organic Rosemary Honey

Rosemary honey is harvested at the beginning of spring. It is a very clear honey that tends to crystallize quickly until it becomes creamy. With its sweet flavor and soft aroma, this honey is ideal for infusions.

Organic Thyme Honey

Thyme honey is harvested at the end of spring. It is an amber honey with a very intense and persistent floral aroma. Due to its organoleptic characteristics, it has its own personality. It is unique and very appreciated in countries like France and Italy.

Ecological Mountain Honey

It is a honey with a lot of character, fruit of the great variety of wild flowers that grow at more than 1000 meters above sea level. It is a honey very rich in enzymes.
It usually has a dark color.

Ecological Stoechas Lavender honey

A honey for all the family!

It’s a late spring honey with a sweet and slightly acid taste and with a very fine and slow crystallization.

Perfect with cereals and yoghurt for breakfast.




Organic Flower honey

A wild flower honey.

Has a very fine floral, not intense and not persistent aroma, a sweet taste with a light acid touch. Light amber color.

Recommended for breakfast with infusions.

Organic Forest honey

A mineral-rich honey.

Honeydew from oaks, pines and firs. It’s a dark amber honey with a floral and malted aroma reminiscent of toasted cereals. This kind of hney has a slow crystallization. Cooking, it goes well with red meats and fresh cheeses.

Acacia honey with organic royal jelly

Acacia honey with 4% fresh royal jelly. Royal jelly is perfectly preserved with honey.

It also exists with 10% royal jelly.

Format: 250 g jars


Heather Honey from Galicia with royal jelly, pollen, and propolis; all sourced from organic farming. Galician heather honey is known for its high mineral content. We’ve added 8% fresh pollen, frozen within 24 hours of harvest, 4% fresh royal jelly, and 2% propolis.

Please shake well before consumption.

Format: 250g jars

Organic royal jelly

Organic royal jelly, due to its extraordinary composition, it has many properties: it’s bracing and euphoriant, rebalancing and revitalizing. Royal jelly is helpful for the maintenance of good health.

Fresh royal jelly is packed in opaque glass vials, with spoons, in a polystyrene foam packaging.

Formats: vials of 10 g, 20 g y 40g.

Organic royal jelly capsules

Concentrated extract of royal jelly, in 425 mg vegetable capsules. Invigorating par excellence, rebalances and revitalizes, which is why it is used both to improve health and to keep it at its best.
It is recommended to take in alternate months, 3 capsules a day during meals with plenty of water.

Organic propolis capsules

Propolis extract concentrated in 291 mg vegetable capsules. It is characterized by its large number of constituents with biological action, especially flavonoids, mineral substances and trace elements.
Ideal for daily intake. It is recommended to take
4 capsules a day during meals with plenty of water.
Bottle of 90 capsules.

Organic propolis gums

Sweet propolis gums, ideal for the whole family.

They have a pleasant eucalyptus taste, a balsamic effect thanks to honey, and also an extraordinary natural antibiotic power thanks to propolis. Instant and effective relief of sore throats and refreshing breath. They are presented in their handy box.

Format: 50 g box

Organic propolis spray

Organic propolis spray. We have added propolis, sap, for its content in essential oils and flavonoids (it is antispasmodic and antiseptic) and blackcurrant.

Format: 20 ml oral spray.

Michel Merlet, S.L. It has the necessary ecological certificates to guarantee an excellent product.

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