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Who are we ?

Michel Merlet, S.L. is a family business with international projection, specialist in bee products. We offer the largest honey range on the market. Our honeys follow a rigorous selection, carefully packed and without heating them to maintain all their properties. We have invested in the most advanced technology and in sharp quality  control systems to offer you the best of the bees.

Honey and Bee Products

Honeys of unmatched quality from Spain. Multifloral pollen, dry and fresh from the mountains of Huelva and Salamanca. Fresh Royal Jelly, and also in capsules. Cosmetics for specific treatments and natural soaps. Propolis , the purest. We propose it in spray, granules, jelly beans and candies. Candies filled with liquid and traditional honey. They exist filled with propolis, royal jelly, eucalyptus and lemon too.

Michel Merlet honey


100% natural products from organic farming. Almamel is the brand that encompasses all organic products.


We market all the bulk products you need: honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, creams, soap, sweets. And also all the organic products of the brand Almamel.

You can call us at the phone: +34 964 34 22 22