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We also provide large bulk orders

  • Batch homogenization from 3 to 22 tons.
  • 200 or 400 microns filtration.
  • Packaging in 20 to 25 buckets and 290 food barrels.

Honey, organic products, bee products, wax…

Food industry

Michel Merlet, S.L. specializes in the sale and marketing in bulk of honey and derivatives, focusing on the food industry, taking into account the different sectors:

  • Confectionery industry
  • Bakery industry
  • Nougat and marzipan industry
  • Beverage industry

Flexibility to your needs

Each customer has a need and makes different use of honey and its derivatives, that’s why Michel Merlet, S.L. adapts 100% to the characteristics of each client, whether for the cosmetic, food or any other industry.

You can call us at the phone: +34 964 34 22 22