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Más de 20 variedades de mieles, crudas, naturales, envasadas en frio, bajo un riguroso sistema de control de calidad.


Pollen rebalances and harmonizes our body, in addition to improving physical and intellectual performance by strengthening the immune system

Royal jelly

Royal jelly is euphoric, balances and revitalizes which is used both to improve health and to maintain it at its best


Natural resin produced by conifers to protect against infections. The bees collect it to disinfect the hive


Made with 100% vegetable oils and honey whose nutritional properties make these products a real luxury for our skin

Candies and Chocolates

Candies with a thin and hard external layer that contrasts with a center filled with fresh, soft and sweet honey.
Our handmade chocolate has been made with the best cocoa.

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