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Hexagonal soaps

(With vegetable oils)

  • Thyme honey soap
  • Thyme honey soap with pollen
  • Thyme honey soap with lavender
  • Thyme honey soap with propolis
  • Thyme honey soap with royal jelly

Handmade soaps

(With coco oil)
100 g

  • Handmade honey soap
  • Handmade propolis soap
  • Handmade royal jelly soap

Rectangular Marseille soaps

(With coco oil)
150 g

  • Honey and royal jelly soap
  • Honey soap
  • Honey and propolis soap
  • Honey and olive oil soap
  • Lavender soap

Argan oil

30 ml vials

Hands cream

Protection and care hand cream, optimal results and rapid absorption. Penetrates quickly. There are two formulas: one with pure beeswax and another with beeswax and chamomile.

Propolis Cream 15%

Lip stick

Melina is a brand of products derivated from Michel Merlet, S.L. honey.

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