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Propolis gums

Sweet propolis gums, ideal for the whole
family. They have a pleasant eucalyptus taste.

They are presented in their handy box easy to carry.
(50 g boxes)

Propolis granules

Propolis in its purest form presented in chewable granules.

(20g boxes)

Propolis extract

  • 20mL extract with alcool

  • 30mL extract without alcohol

  • 50mL propolis extract with Echinacea

  • 30mL extract without alcohol (30%) “FORTE”

Junior Propolis spray

Propolis spray in a format suitable for children

(bottle of 20 ml)

Propolis spray with Echinacea and Tea tree

Liquid compound, with a propolis tincture base combined with cat’s claw, Echinacea, and narrow-leaved tea-tree.

(20 ml vial)

Propolis tablets lemon or mint flavour

It’s as very convenient small box of 45 tablet with lemon or mint flavour. A handy presentation thought to carry them easily.


It´s a syrup with a high content in propolis, eucalyptus, marshmallow macerated in fresh honey base.
(250ml bottle)

Propolis toothpaste

(75 ml tube)

Melina is a brand of products derivated from Michel Merlet, S.L. honey.

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